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    Osaka University

    A brief review is given for introducing the emerging field of condensed
    matter nuclear science (CMNS), which is born in descendant researches of “cold
    fusion”. Results of research in latest years are claiming 1) deuteron-origin clean fusion
    and 2) selective nuclear transmutations, as new kind of nuclear processes in the
    environment of condensed matter. New theoretical aspect is of nuclear processes under
    the transient (dynamic) ordering (constraint) processes in/on condensed matter,
    especially metal-hydrogen/deuterium systems. EQPET/TSC theory by the author is
    shown to compare consequences of theoretical models and various experimental results.
    Tetrahedral Symmetric Condensate (TSC) is proposed as seeds of multi-body deuteron
    self-fusion reactions under transient ordering environment and TSC-induced capture
    (transmutation) reactions with metal-nuclei. Overall consistency between theories and
    experiments are obtained


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