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    From the History of Cold Fusion Research, 8, pp. 1 – 23 (June 2015)

    The Nuclear Transmutations (NTs) in Carbon-Hydrogen Systems (Hydrogen Graphite, XLPE and Microbial Cultures)*

    Hideo Kozima Cold Fusion Research Laboratory 597-16 Yatsu, Aoi, Shizuoka, 421-1202, Japan

    *This paper was originally published in the CFRL News (Cold Fusion Research Laboratory News) No. 94 (2015.06.10).

    The nuclear transmutation (NT) in the cold fusion phenomenon (CFP) is an astonishing event not expected from the perspectives the pioneering researchers had in their motivation to perform experiments in this field. The researchers, however, seemed to realize the complex nature of the CFP at the first stage of their research not reconciling into the framework they had in their mind as expressed by Fleischmann et al. in their paper published in 1989; “The most surprising feature of our results however, is that reactions (v) and (vi) are only a small part of the overall reaction scheme and that the bulk of the energy release is due to an hitherto unknown nuclear process or processes (presumably again due to deuterons).”[Fleischmann 1989]


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