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    Devices R&D Center, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, Mt. 14-1 Nongseo-dong, Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do 446-712, Republic of Korea.
    (Dated: 2 April 2013)
    An alternative explanation to the mechanism behind self-su stained oscillations of ions in direct current (DC) glow discharges is provided. Such description is distingui shed from the one provided by the fluid models, where oscillations are attributed to the positive feedback mecha nism associated with photoionization of particles and photoemission of electrons from the cathode. Here, oscilla tions arise as consequence of interaction between an ion and the surface charges induced by it at the bounding electrodes. Such mechanism provides an elegant explanation to why self-sustained oscillations occur only in the negative resistance region of the voltage-current characteristic curve in the DC glow discharges. Furthermore, this alternative description provides an elegant explanation to the formation of plasma fireballs in the laboratory plasma. It has been found that oscillation frequencies increase with ion’s surface charge density, but at the rate which is significantly slower than it does with the electric field. The presented mechanism also describes self-sustained oscillations of ions in dusty plasmas, which demonstrates that self-sustained oscillations in dusty plasmas and DC glow discharges involve common physical processes.


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